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A message to our Christian brothers 

By Writer/Mohammed Nour

To our Christian brothers.
To the country's partners.
I am sending you this message, because I am absolutely certain of how much you love and be faithful to our dear country. Egypt, having recently observed the conspiracies to which the nation is being subjected, to cause strife, and unfortunately some of the Christian brothers have been criticized for these machinations, and they have taken the most precious, the greatest, the most sacred and the most precious human being, the master of the worlds, the pride of the universe, Our Lord Muhammad.

But he forgot the likes of. Youssef Hani, Myrna, and others are thus abusing the Christian religion, before they abuse the Islamic religion, its holy symbol, and the greatest, Our Lord, The Messenger of God, Peace be upon him, who ordered the Muslims, and recommended them to the Christian brothers by saying, "Listen to the Copts well", which we knew we did not harm anyone, to pardon those who were unjust, to pray, and to stop the blood, to preserve the symptoms.
But with all that, every day, we find every day, those who come out of some of us, our Christian brothers, who are enraged against Islam, and his messenger, who loved from the same life, for any Muslim, the most recent of which was the incident witnessed in Minya governorate, when a Christian, through his personal page, on His Personal Page, on His Facebook page abused our Lord, The Messenger of God, peace be upon him, and then clashes broke out, between Muslims and Christians, and unfortunately this was not the first time.
What to expect after all:
Certainly the result of these repeated abuses will never be good, and this is confirmed by events every time, and I fear that the problem will worsen, in a way that may be disastrous, and god forbid, how can one Muslim, on earth, accept the light of his eye, the crown of his head, his example, and his imam?

How can such a thing be right?!
I invite you to look at it, with a fair view. Can one Christian accept that he will be abused by Our Lord Jesus, or to his immaculate mother, the virgin?
Of course not, and a thousand no, although this will not happen from any Muslim, on earth, because no Muslim, accepts the abuse of Our Lord Christ, or any other prophet at all.

 If a Muslim does not accept that someone else offends a prophet, will he be the one who will abuse him?!!

Islam taught us, the good manners of morality, and we were told by his manners, and he ordered us not to distinguish between one of God's messengers. This is our religion, and these are the teachings of our most generous messenger, a mercy envoy to the worlds, to whom very few, who count on Christ, and I am absolutely certain that the true Christian, who believes in the teachings of his religion that God is love, cannot accept such abuses, which offend him, and his religion before you offend others, and that is why I hope you History attests to your noble attitudes towards Muslims, the most recent of which is your solidarity with Muslims, in rejecting the abuse that Macron has addressed to Islam, and for Muslims to declare your rejection of all these abuses that are issued by some Christians, and to perform sedition before it ignites, we have been, and will remain brothers and loved ones, in our dear homeland. Egypt   
Letter to the Egyptian Church  
I expected, and many people expected, that there will be a firm and decisive attitude from the Egyptian Church, towards the abuses issued by Macron towards Islam, and I was amazed at this silence, unexpected and unjustified from the Church, and I was more impressed after those abuses, which came from the sons of the Egyptian Church itself, and yet the Church did not move still!! It was one of the first to address such events, and its position was clear, unequivocal, and history attests to Pope Shenouda III, many, and many of those timeless positions.

I therefore ask the Church to issue a statement in which it deepens the feelings of friendliness among the partners of the nation, to declare its total rejection, to hold accountable all those who have offended Islam and Muslims, and to renew its religious discourse within the churches, so that all those who are hardened of the church know that the essence of the Christian faith is that. God is love.

I ask God to protect Egypt, and its children from all evil and evil.
O God, amen, Lord of the Worlds.

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