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 The strange decision


 By Writer/ Mohammed Nour

A new decision by the government, which is to extend the mid-year leave for a week!

The Minister of Education continues to make statements that continue to afflict students, their parents, their families, their families, and their families, and that is why there is always a question that arises in everyone's mind. Why does the Minister of Education insist on taking exams in schools and returning to school?

This is at a time when the Ministry of Health has announced that another new wave of coronavirus is approaching.
In fact, doctors say that a wave is coming during the holy month of Ramadan, which will be even more severe, and that the number of casualties is expected to increase in the coming period.

But it seems that all this does not mean the ministers of education and higher education. What is important is that they announce to the world that they have been able to hold the examinations and complete the school year, in the light of a serious pandemic, such as the Corona pandemic.
At a time when many countries of the world have announced that they will follow the education system, online for the safety of students, their families, and to prevent the spread of the disease, and the United Arab Emirates was one of the last countries to decide not to return to school, in schools, groups, and that study, and exams will be remote.

 Despite the many appeals made by citizens and their children, in which they called on the ministers of education and higher education not to return to school, to cancel exams, and to follow the system of distance education, fearing for the health and safety of their children.
However, as usual, there is no response to any of these appeals, and instead of calming the parents and reassuring them about their families, to respond to all those appeals, if the statements come out to confirm that the exams will be held on time, and that they will return again, to schools after the end of the half-year leave!!
When the cries of the citizens rolled, on various social media. The government issued a strange decision, a decision to extend the mid-year leave, for a week!!
The question is: what is the value of this decision, and what is its usefulness?!

Will the Corona pandemic end this week?
Will the disease disappear within those days?
This is at a time when the Egyptian Ministry of Health announced that a third wave will hit the country in the coming period, and that there will be a fourth wave, which will be even more severe, during the holy month of Ramadan.
So what's the point of that week?
Why do the Ministers of Education and Higher Education insist on a return to school, on taking exams, and why do they not approve the remote education system throughout the Corona pandemic?
Here I ask the ministers several questions:
Is the health, safety and safety of our student children and their parents less important than returning to school?
What is the return if the study returns and the exams are held if the opposite, many students, and their parents are infected with the virus, or if it extends to more than one infection, God forbid?!
Is the return of school more important and more valuable than the lives of our student children, and their families?!
When will the citizen feel that the Government, always putting it first, is concerned, and that it is being cared for above all else?!
For how long will the Government, ignoring the appeals of citizens, and not responding to any appeals by state workers, that article 5 of the Civil Service Act, which has frozen the basic salaries of workers from 2014 to the present, as well as appeals to citizens not to return to school, in the light of the Corona epidemic, is the best evidence of the government's disregard for any appeals from citizens.

For all this, when the parents did not find any response from the ministers of education and higher education to address their appeal, to the father, and the leader Mr. President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi because he is the only one who cares about the Egyptian citizen, and because he is the only one who cares for his safety and comfort.
They launched their appeals on various social media, such as last year,and saved students from the risk of injury when he issued his decision to suspend classes for the safety of students.  

Well, the citizens, by directing those appeals, to Mr. President, and I join my appeal to millions of citizens, to the father and the leader, Mr. President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, to interfere in this matter, for the sake of the safety of his children, and I am sure that his sovereignty will do what is in the interest of his children, immediately. This is always our promise of sovereignty.
God save Egypt and its children from all evil and evil.

(The matter is over)