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 Marriage of experience. Halal!!! 

By Writer/ Mohammed Nour 

The new fitna
Only one day passes, and we find a new fitna, a flagrant violation of a rule of religion, in a systematic war, on the Islamic religion, and, as I said before that war, it was, and will remain until God inherits the earth, and who is on it. It is a war that has been going on since the dawn of Islam, until the Day of Resurrection.

The new fitna that has emerged recently, is the charm of the marriage experience!! And to promote that marriage is halal!! It was an idea launched by a lawyer, and immediately took many forms of debate, community debate, and topped most of the debates, controversies, on social media.

I don't know what's calling for all this momentum on this particular subject, and that a statement has been issued, from Al-Azhar, that this is forbidden, and that Al-Azhar has even decreed that this is forbidden, and that it is a marriage, not a marriage at all.

 What is the marriage of experience?
 The government's decision to grant a child protection grant is a matter of concern to the government.

The point behind this, as the author of this idea claims, is to try to reduce the number of divorces;
The question here is. What is the reason for determining the duration of the marriage, when God forbids that. The refore, the right to be heard is a matter of serious ness. There is disqualification, although there are such legitimate solutions to end marriage, but they are conditioned, provided that the ten are impossible.
The so-called marriage of experience is a form of legally forbidden marriage of pleasure, and is therefore not accepted religiously, mentally and societally.

Marriage experience in Egypt
Egyptian society knew the idea of marriage of experience, through an initiative launched by one of the lawyers, which considers that the marriage of experience, is valid in relation to the authorization of the Egyptian legislator, and Al-Azhar al-Sharif because of the existence of a box of conditions, with the marriage document of Egyptian Muslims.

The lawyer, the initiator of the initiative, comments on the controversy surrounding his initiative, saying that he agrees with what Al-Azhar said regarding the nullity of marriage, stressing that the contract announced is a marriage contract, not a marriage contract at all, which is a call to slow down, before the divorce occurs!!

He went on to say that the contract, which sets conditions and controls between a couple with problems, and assuming that there is a time limit, in this contract, does not apply to the formal marriage contract, pointing out that he resorted, to a social and legal trick, so that the husbands would only stay away from the idea of divorce.
 He also said that he had completed about 220 contracts, of this kind recently, pointing out that over the course of ten years, he tried to clarify his point of view on the idea of marriage of the experience, but it was not until after the recent media uproar, he claimed.
Ruling on marriage of experience
Al-Azhar issued a fatwa stating that, if all marriage contracts, which require any period of time, specify the marriage contract, or require that separation not take place, between the spouses for a certain period.

Dar al-Iftaa also issued a fatwa that read:
"The husband's denial of his right to divorce his wife at a certain time;
This is the view of religion, on that issue, and I think that there is no debate on this subject, the opinion of the debate has been resolved, on this matter completely.
I would like to give sincere advice to Egyptian society, in particular, and to the Arab community in general.

We have been caught up in the temptation, from every direction, and this is no longer something that has frightened anyone, and our society has become threatened, to lose its values, its morals with those of those seditions, the dark dark, so that we must uphold the values, morals of our religion, our society, and not to be dragged into any idea, a heresy without troy, a blind imitation of the West, and to listen to claims of decomposition, claiming freedoms, so that our society does not collapse and fall into a deep, undecided state.

There is no such thing as freedom, if it conflicts with the orders of the holy religion, its incompatibility, and the morals and morals of society.

According to what the master of the missionaries said, God prayed to his presence, his god and his companions: "I have left two, you will never be lost after them. The Book of God, and my year, will not separate until they respond to the basin" narrated by Abu Hurra, god bless him, and in another novel, "My Wife, The People of My House".
Believe the Messenger of God.

( The matter is over )