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 Villa Al-Ajami

Ahmed & Mariana  

By Writer/ Mohammed Nour

                                           Hearts have a language.
                                           He doesn't know it and doesn't translate its meaning.
                                                                   Except the lovers........
Mohammed Noor

To my mother, who taught me my highest meaning of loyalty and fidelity.
To that great lady who made
Herself as a good, tender and generous for me.

Episode 1

 Unexpected event

You think it could be her. No, no, no. I don't think, and how this happened.
Honestly, I don't believe you.
Why don't you believe me?
Because what you're saying is unbelievable.
And what's unbelievable?
What you imagine is an unreasonable, or even acceptable, fact, and I'm afraid you'll be shocked because you're a thin-hearted, most romantic man.
Yes, that's right, but don't forget, I'm a slender, never-wrong sensation, and he's never lied to me before.
I hope your feeling is right.
 This conversation began to revolve between Ahmed's mind, his heart in a constant, continuous dialogue, and he took the conversation between him, and his heart a side of rationality, a side of feelings, and warm gentle feelings.
This is at a time when Ahmed was listening to that talk, which drew his attention to a gesture that listens to the voice of the mind, which speaks very realistically, which was evident in that heated dialogue, it was the talk of the mind, with its heart a talk in which there is no room for emotions, or feelings.
At times he tends to believe the heart, which sings with feelings of overflow, and the feelings of gias rose, and characterized him beyond the horizon of clouds, and when she seemed to have the look of the stars from afar she whispered around her, until she sat on the carpet of proximity, and whispered to her the secret of the secrets of words, and the chips of the suffering in a song expressing the flood of fancy, and adoration until the movement of the stars calmed, and was able, after she had a good ring of speech, as if she had never heard of him.
For that reason, his heart did not pay attention to the talk of reason, which he wanted to spoil this moment, the moment of the break-up of his emotions, the explosion of his spiritual feelings about his human density, which was settled, and was lost under the weight of the strange material life, which he could not live with, in any way.
His heart refused to listen to this talk at all, and it seemed like a croan released after the length of his imprisonment, so if he was in it, he would be the sweetest of the melodies.
So he decided to go away without return, after all the suppression of these feelings, and from his lack of the most beautiful feeling in the universe, namely the feeling of love....
How long he longed for this word, how much he wanted to hear it to the whole world how quickly he was, and who was interested in this word, and the meaning salinis it bore.
His prayer to God was not to disappoint him, and to be able to speak and to do so, contrary to that overwhelming feeling, especially the one that his mind shouted.
These feelings he feels, how much he would have liked to announce to the whole world in the loudest voice:
My heart believed me, and I didn't disappoint in it, and now it's my intuition.
Ahmed was unbelievable about what was happening to him, how was his heart beating with all these feelings, and how his whole being changed like this at once.
He tried hard to control his feelings, his feelings ...
But he yahat, he could not resist this long-sought sensation, the flood that flows through his veins.
Those successive breaths that reverberate inside his chest. Those eyes that the world sees around him, and it seemed like he had never seen him before, and these flows that his heart dances between his ribs.
Ahmed kept happening himself, and he doesn't believe what happened to him saying:
What's that happening to me? What's all this about?
 At first glance.
Our story begins......
When Ahmed went one day to shop, in the central area of the country, and while he was walking he caught his attention one of the high-end shops, which sells perfumes and men's clothes, women, and already Ahmed entered this shop, and kept walking around it, and he saw the exhibits, and seems to have found his way, and bought some clothes, and he was busy, and busy with the bags he carries.
And there's a beard.
He entered the shop with a good woman hassan, the beauty of the ultra-thin and very attractive, charming countenance, elegant clothed, and did not feel the presence of the frequent preoccupation with his belongings, and when he left the shop fell from it, one of the bags he carries, he does not feel that it fell from it it was a light bag with a tie, he had just bought it and found someone to tell him ...
Professor.  Professor.  Professor.
It seemed that he was busy with his bags, that he did not listen, or listen to her, nor her call, but something strange happened to Ahmed ...
Very strange, which is rare, and almost only happens with those who have a pure, pure sense.
 If he turns back, then he finds this woman, and at this moment she will nail his place, and he does not move, and he does not say a girl of his lips, but he has remained standing in his place as if he had frozen for the time.
He could not hear, and he sees nothing but one thing, namely those charming eyes that have come close to him, not far away, nor near her hand, to give him the bag that fell from him.
She says to him, professor, that bag fell from you, and I called you a lot...
Ahmed was displaced in the sight of her charming eyes, and did not reply to her, and did not even notice that she had extended her hand with the bag at that moment.
 He nailed his place, and he kept looking at her without moving a finger.
For the first time, their eyes met, in a way that tongues cannot describe, and pens to express them, they have become those eyes.
Tongues speak it, but in a language that only they understand, all of this happened in very few seconds.
 At one moment, Ahmed woke up from his sherrod, and returned from his journey, which he went to unintentionally, or willingly. In a moment that flashed it to another dimension, he recovered from him the most beautiful, thinner, feelings of love, and romance that he had not known before, after taking him a year from the passion of the lovers independentin that vehicle, it was dislocated by the rise of dreams, hopes, and are only moments, only to land them again, to find himself that he was not a dreamer, nor a delusional.
 He was absolutely certain that in those moments, he was experienced by a case of alawite vision, which rarely occurs to man, and he prepared himself, as if in a dream, and how much he wished in his own decision not to wake him up at all, he seemed as if he had emigrated from a world, does not want to return to him again.
 He wants to live like this always, at this moment when he named his feelings above material veiling, he hated that world in which feelings and feelings became something that is rare, that kind human being who did not love, in his life, even once.
His feelings were still early, and his heart was always gasping for true and true love.
Love that rises above the physical worlds, the interests that have come to control the feelings and morals of human beings, to another world of spiritual serenity and emotional transcendence.  
He was a man in the true sense of the word in his creation, his deed, and his words, and therefore he did not respond in a day to those negatives that accompanied, that new world that became raising a slogan, was created by the mechanisms of this era ala, which is a reform .... Globalization
Despite the tyranny of these negatives on the vast majority of human beings, he was one of those few, whose feelings, principles and morals could not affect their feelings, principles and morals.

Ahmed woke up, and he says to her, "Did you call me?"
Mariana: Yes I have called you so much, so I felt you would not hear me, but thank God you finally heard me ...
Mariana was talking to him, and she too went on a journey that matched that trip, in which Ahmed got to know the strange sensation he had, without introductions, without warning.
 She also returned from that trip, from the same place as Ahmed.
She was talking to him, she struggled to control her feelings, and she gathered herself, trying to learn about her being, and she was asking herself what happened to me.
And she kept wondering what this thing was, which suddenly slipped her being, and without permission to the point that she could not have the reins with her feelings, her feelings?
And what is the secret of this flood, which is sweeping it, so suddenly without any introductions?
 This conversation took place inside for a few seconds, and suddenly I asked him with her eyes, "Where were you?"
I've been looking for you for a long time.
Where for God's sake was?
I've waited too long for you, hoping to meet.
Mariana woke up quickly, from what was happening to her, gathered her diaspora, told him in brief words, in which she tried to look coherent.
 This bag fell from you, without feeling it.
So I wanted to catch up with you, to pick her up before you left the store.
She extended her hand with the bag, so that he would take it and Ahmed extended his hand to her, and he muttered almost words, Mariana did not understand anything from her, so she said to him, "Please your bag, please do not fall from you again."
He replied politely, and told her I don't know how to thank you for what you did, and he continued to thank her very much. She said to him, "No thanks for his duty, and she handed him the bag and turned her back on him, but her heart was attached to him, and he never wanted to leave it."
  He's in his place for moments, he doesn't know what to do.
Is he trying to talk to her again?
 Are you going to accept to talk to her again?
 Are you going to run him off?
 Many questions have been asked in his mind, and he cannot decide from something about himself.
 Does he leave the only person whose heart has failed?
 If he leaves it now, where can he see her again?
 In the end he was overwhelmed by his shyness, and decided to get out of the shop, wait outside and take his time to think, so as not to make any move, which may not be praised, perhaps, and may reach a decision.
Indeed, he resolved his matter, and he went out, and he stood not far from the shop, waiting for her to go out on the hottest of embers, and his mind is straying, and he thinks what he will do, will he let it go, and he does not know whether to see it again or not?
 He showed signs of tension as he lit his cigarette and looked every second at his watch.
He did not get him out of this intellectual struggle that took place inside him, except the rings of his mobile phone so he took it out of his pocket, and he looked at it and found that his friend Hossam, who preferred to wait for him in his car, to finish some of his private calls is the one who calls him.
Ahmed replied to his friend, and he apologizes to him for being late for him, and if he does, he sees his girlfriend, as she comes out of the shop and his heart rate accelerated...
But what happened before his eyes was what he did not think of, and what he never expected, which shocked him.
 And make him stand agitated ...
After he saw what got his heart in his heart...
And make the pain in his chest ...
This has plunged him into fear and anxiety at the same time...
He remained silent ...
It does nothing ...
He didn't even say a girl of a lip...
 While Hossam kept talking to him...
 He found nothing but silence.