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Novel by Villa Al-Ajami { Episode II }

  By Writer/Mohammed Nour


New Egypt

Abdul Malak sat with his wife, Yvonne, in front of the TV, watching a news channel as usual, after a hard day at work, asking about his children.
He asked about Mariana, who was still in the 4th Division of the College of Applied Arts, and was then 22 years old, her eldest brother, Ramez, two years younger than her, who was studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts, and Nader, who is studying in the second grade of the second grade.
 His wife told him that Mariana had gone shopping with her brother Ramez two hours ago, and asked about Nader and she said to him: He is still in his own lesson at his friend Amjad.

Abdul Malak was working in the field of modern digital printing.
 He had a large office, with a good reputation, in this field, and he hoped his sons would take over the job after him.
 His wife, Mrs. Yvonne, was a housewife, and like all mothers, only her children, her husband and her home were concerned, and she spent her whole life for it.

It is at 10 o'clock, and if Benadir opens the door of the apartment, and he greets his parents, sits on the nearest seat exhausted, and asks his mother eagerly for dinner?
Nader had a light shadow, and a simplicity envied by all.
His mother replied, alerting him in a sarcastic tone:
I wonder about dinner, and do not ask about your brothers and he told her in his usual mockery that my brothers will not be silent, the sound of the storm that is sticking in my stomach from hunger, and everyone laughed, and he changed clothes, waiting with his parents for the return of his brothers to eat dinner with them.

 Abdul Malak, his wife Yvonne, and their son Nader, who got out of his room after changing clothes, sat with his parents in front of the TV exchanging conversations and news waiting for Mariana and her brother Ramez to return from abroad.
A short while later Nader began to announce his grumbling, after looking at his watch saying:
 Mom, Marina and Ramez are late, and I'm starving, Yvonne: Wait a little, they're about to arrive.
Abdul Malak: It is really too late, although I have repeatedly assured them not to be late.
Yvonne: You know Mariana, and how fond she is about buying. And shopping.

Abdul Malak: Not so much, Yvonne.
Yvonne: Rest assured they're about to arrive.
Abdul Malak: And the anger is starting to get him, I will have another talk with her when she returns.
Nader: I hope you don't get angry, Dad, mariana is a fact that forgets everything, when you shop.
Yvonne: You're right, Nader.

 I suffer a lot from it when I shop with her.
Abdul Malak: You must know Mariana.
I will not accept it to be repeated, like this after that.
Yvonne: Tell her what she wants, but for God's sake, don't be her, you know how delicate she is.
  Abdul Malak looked at her.
 And anger fills his eyes.
 He didn't say a word.