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Wonders of Destiny 

By Writer/Mohammed Nour

Sometimes, we may be brought together by chance, at a time when we need, a certain kind of emotion, and one of the wonders of destiny is that we touch those feelings, in that person, and we find ourselves immediately in case that person is attracted, and that we want to talk to him in a continuous way. We do not even want his image to be absent from our eyes, and we want to hear his voice, all the time, even if it is a whisper.

We continue to ask ourselves about those feelings, which have us suddenly, without warning, and often at this time we will not find an answer to that question. There are times when the mind cannot escape through those walls, built by the heart around itself, when it finds its stray of feelings, feelings that have become nights, perhaps years of dreaming, and looking for them between hearts and beautiful-looking faces. Empty essence, and between tongues he thought, that it would be filled with ecstasy, and it is in fact a curse.

Man remains high on his dreams. Looking forward to fulfilling his hopes until the days, and the experiences prove to him, is true, that innocent face with a thin tongue, either to win a worthy heart, or to be crushed by those who think it is the right one.

Of course, there are opportunities, what we might call a term. The gifts of destiny, though rare, are priceless, so the person must be very careful to make sure that these feelings are true.

That vision applies not only to emotional relationships, but also to all relationships, which are not related to blood bonding, such as those of parents and their children.
How many friends we hoped for, loyalty, and the days, told us that all that we hoped for was nothing more than a mirage of water, thought by thirst, water, and how many ears were in words, which carried the heart with feelings, as long as it dreamed of, and shameful attitudes, waking us from that dream.

So it is no wonder that sincere feelings, at this time, have become scarce among people, and they seem to have decided to move away from human beings, and let them eat each other like fire, but at the same time. Spare no effort in meeting, who asks her sincerely, and faithfully.
And that's where there's a logical question, which is.

How is it if the feelings come together with sincerity and loyalty?  
Circumstances may be inadequate, man must meet with the other. But the sincerity of the feelings of both parties can overcome that obstacle, so don't think that honesty does not face difficulties. On the contrary, honesty is not true, except after it is tested by overcoming difficulties and crossing barriers.

Whoever wants you sincerely will not abandon you, will do the impossible to keep you, stay next to you, and will argue to hear your voice, and will not rest until it catches your attention, and will try to be around you, in any way. In a way. With a message. In connection, when feelings come together sincerely, the heart will find its way.
And forget a sense that doesn't make him a dissonable.
It is unmatched by joy.

But don't forget that that situation, rare, requires specifications, morals, values and principles that rarely meet, in person at this time, they are truly attributes, which are not easy to find.

But if you find that heart.
And I made sure his feelings were true.
And the nobility of his manners and the intensity of his loyalty.
You have to hold on to it.

And don't worry about him or neglect him.
Because if you find him, make sure.
You're one of the few who.
They ran into a wonder of.
Wonders of destiny.

(The matter is over)