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Talk to the café

Ahmed sat with Hossam in the usual café, where they used to meet all the time, and Ahmed Sharda is still silent.
Hussam said to him, "What's wrong with you?"
Hossam asked Ahmed again, when he did not receive an answer to his question: What is wrong with you, Ahmed, and what happened to you?
The scene repeated again, and Ahmed also did not reply to his friend so he waited a little, and came back again to ask him.
Liam: Ahmed, you don't know how worried I am about you. Tell me why you're so silent and stressed, and don't answer me?
Ahmed did not reply again, and then Hossam preferred to respect the silence of his owner, and leave him until he speaks himself, and the mandad came asking them what to drink, so Hossam asked for a cup of tea, and Ahmed did not reply and asked him what to drink, Mr. Ahmed?
 Ahmed: Ahmed raised his eyes to him, and said to him: (In Wgum) a cup of coffee.
He returned to his silence again, and Hossam looked at him as he was worried about his owner, and he does not know what to do to him so he does not even know what is wrong with him, or what happened to him, and made him sad and important to this extent.
 Ahmed sensed the extent of the anxiety that afflicted his friend and looked at him and said to him: Hossam I am confused about me, and the pain is almost blowing to me.

Liam: Tell me what happened.
Ahmed: I'll tell you.
Ahmed told Hossam everything that happened to him since he left him in the car, until Hossam came to him, and gave him the phone that fell from his hand.
Liam: This is a strange situation despite its many occurrences, the strangeness is not in its occurrence but the strangeness in your close attachment to it to this degree.
Ahmed: This is not an attachment, it is love, love, and her image never leaves my imagination.

Liam: But you only saw her for a few moments, no more that you do not know what her name is, where she lives, or anything about her.
Ahmed: That's the problem, I don't know anything about it so I can get to it.
Liam: And what are you going to do?
Ahmed: I really don't know. Believe me, I don't know.
Liam: I think you're overreacting, in that sense you feel?
So I am absolutely certain, that it is only moments of admiration, soon you leave your imagination shortly, and you will forget it tomorrow at the latest.
Ahmed: (And his eyes are filled with a mixture of determination, and distress) you do not understand anything, and do not feel what I feel, like her is impossible to forget, and she is not only a beautiful woman, but she is the title of the most beautiful meaning of love, but she is the icon of love itself.
Liam: To this extent.  I really don't know how i got attached to her so quickly, and is it reasonable for someone to fall into a woman's whim, after seeing her for a few seconds?
Ahmed: Believe me, I don't know either. Looks like what love is called at first sight?
Liam: Do you believe in love at first sight?
Ahmed: Yes, of course, and if I did not believe in him before, I believed in him now, and let me tell you about something that you might think strange, or different from what many people think, and it seems that this is my case now.

Love is only destiny for a known time, but it is hidden from us, because when its time comes, it departs from its concealment, and i accept its pride, and i will see it on you to solve the heart of the lovers, so you see it as a left flood in their veins, and he narrates the thirst of their hearts. 

Hearts were thirsty for him, whether those hearts realized it or not, and this only happens with gentle, tender hearts, or rude hearts rarely, subject to the sultan of love.  
Liam: And in your opinion, what is the end of this love?
Ahmed: If love is in this situation, it is endless love?
Liam: You have puzzled me, and i really do not know how to discuss you with the argument, but I do not want to bother you, but there is a reality that may affect the liver of the truth, and it must be put to you.
Ahmed :( His face was worried) he spoke for God's sake, and you are not afraid of anything.
Liam: Did it occur to you that the man you saw in the car might be her husband, or her fiancé, or that she might be married to someone else, if we assume that the one you saw was her brother?
Ahmed: Ahmed felt bitterness, a twig in his throat, and he says yes, I have received this thought, and she may be already married.
Liam: (in amazement) And will you love a married woman?

Ahmed: Yes I will continue to love her with all my heart, and I wish her always happiness, even if she does not feel this love, and if I meet her again, and i know that she is married I will mute my love for her in the swede of my heart, and I will never tell her that I loved her, and will not feel that I love her in love without limits.
Liam: I didn't know that he is still in this time, who holds the morals of knights like you.
Ahmed did not respond to what Hossam said.
 He was a stray in his girlfriend, and he was saying to himself.
Yes, I love her, I love her, i love her.
It's the one my heart was waiting for, looking for everywhere.
She's a sweetheart....
It's the dreamy breeze I'm starting to breathe.

Yes, my love, you have been all my life, my queen, my heart, from the look of one of your beautiful sweet, sweet eyes.
Ahmed and Hossam finished drinking coffee, tea, and Ahmed held accountable the club, and they went to go to his house, on the date to meet tomorrow in the same place, and complete their conversation, which neither of them knew, what the coming days carry them events will turn things upside down .