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 Within......  The car

The man sitting in the car waiting for Mariana, who was in fact only her brother Ramez, shouted at her, declaring his indignation, complaining about being late for him, and leaving him in the car alone for more than an hour.

 She was trying to calm his revolution and tell him about the situation that happened between her and Ahmed inside the shop in an attempt to justify why she was late for it.
Ramez was pointing his face away from her in clear anger, not convinced that this is the only reason for her delay on him, and that the reason for her delay on him sure, is her vision of the latest models of clothes, perfumes of all kinds, and experience of each of them separately, forgetting that he is waiting for her, because he is very aware of the extent, and her passion for buying clothes, perfumes.

  Ramez told her: My father called you, and found your phone turned off, so he called me half an hour ago, and asked about you, and he is very upset that we are late for this late, and the clock is now approaching eleven and a half.

Mariana: (in great astonishment) !! I never turned off my phone, i rushed, i took her mobile phone out of her bag, and found it not closed, she referred it to her brother saying, here is the phone is not closed, it seems that the network inside the shop was weak, but on the whole I will call my father to check on us, and indeed she called her father .
 Abdul Malak: Where are you, Mariana?
Mariana: We're on our way home, Dad.
Abdul Malak: You're too late.
Mariana: My father, you know, it takes time to buy my supplies.
Abdul Malak: This is not an excuse, or a sufficient justification for all this delay.
Mariana: I'm sorry, Dad, for the delay, and I promise I won't do it again.
Abdul Malak: In clear anger I hope so, and when you come back I will have other words with you.

Mariana: On the whole, we approached the house in front of us for about a quarter of an hour, and we get to you.
Abdul Malak: I'm waiting for you. Bye bye.
Mariana: Goodbye.
She ended the call, telling her brother that her father was very angry that they were late for him until this time.
Ramez: Didn't I tell you that, but you didn't believe me.

Mariana was silent, not commenting on her brother's words, and letting herself swim in a sea of feelings and feelings, she felt a state of extreme romance, a situation she had never felt before.
She asked herself who was this person who had slipped her being so, and suddenly like this, without warning?
 The image of Ahmed never leaves her eyes, but she is tormented to be always inside this scene, and does not want to get out of it ever to reality, she looks like a sleeper, who dreams of a beautiful dream, does not want to wake up from it, and does not want anyone to disturb this dream.

Ramez noticed her snort, but he thought it was the effect of his father's call to her, and he didn't know, or imagined that the reason for the strays was that her heart was attached to who she saw in that shop.
 That's what he loved, and he loved her in a fleeting moment.

Her heart is attached to this man, who does not even know who he is, but all she knows is that he captured her heart and possessed her being at great speed.

She could neither even restrain her emotions, and she says to herself:
What a wonderful eye.
How beautiful is the look you gave me?
You see what you, who owned me like this in a jiffy.